What Is the Difference Between Bobbleheads And Head Knocker?

The term Bobbleheads and Head Knockers are somewhat similar to each other in functionalities because both types of dolls are collectible dolls that wag their heads. They can be made from wood, clay and sometimes polymer also. So, let’s dive into the difference between custom bobbleheads and Head Knockers.

Difference Between Bobbleheads And Head Knocker:

We know that if you touch the head of collectible dolls their heads wag, it moves in a constrained path. It all happens because they have a small spring attached inside the head of these collectible dolls. It comes in both types of toys.

These are made in the sizes of 6 inches or twelve inches. Both, Bobbleheads and Head Knockers are somewhat similar in dimensions. And both have moving heads, and they are made to stick on the wall, you can put them on your table, you can even put them in the car. So, they will get affected by the force of air and the moving force of the car to move.

If you can search in the market for buying these products, you will find that different countries call them differently like Bobbleheads, Head Knockers, and Wobblers. But the main difference is the marketing and branding of these products.

So, people get confused about what is the main difference between these two. Here, we are revealing the fact behind the difference between Bobbleheads and Head Knockers. It all differs in branding and selling the product. It depends on companies how they market or promote their products to the public.

The main difference is only in a technique that is used in branding and selling the product. It means that the product is not different in functionalities; Both have similar functionality of moving their heads.

They don’t differ in the production process, and they don’t have different manufacturing processes. Both of them are made from similar procedures for manufacturing. Head Knockers and personalized bobblehead is not different if we think of the materials that are used in securing them. Both have the same kind of stuff used. So, we can say that companies want to sell their products that are why they give different names.


We hope we could help you solve your problems regarding these two, and it can help you understand the difference between them. We also discussed that Custom Bobbleheads and Head Knockers are not different if we know the process of making them and material used.

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