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Manage the entire marketing process in all aspects to aid in sales, corporate brand identity and PR for the company. Digital marketing, Email promotion, SMS, phone calls, print, TV, radio, banks, channel partners, BTL, outdoor hoardings, overseas marketing, property fairs etc. Their iconic portfolio of developments, including Masteri An Phu, Masteri Thao Dien, and Millennium, is highly valued. The kid’s playground is an engaging home away from home to play, learn, and make new friends under the watchful supervision of high-tech surveillance systems. For those times when you deserve to be transported to a state of sheer bliss, our second level “spacecraft” swimming pool offers rejuvenating experiences and restores body and soul. From lush open spaces to elegant interiors, Masteri Centre Point is both a home and a lifestyle – A World of its Own.

It observes heavy passenger flows of around 2.5 Lacs passengers daily and hence becomes a critical point of interchange between different public transit modes. SMC’s present head quarter building built in year 1644 is a heritage structure situated on a very narrow and busy road at Muglisara, near Chowk Bazar, which results in a very heavy traffic during office hours. Due to limited available working space in the existing building, presently various important departments are situated at other places outside main office building. LUMIÈRE Riverside Located on the front of Hanoi Highway is the arterial route of the city, close to Thao Dien residential area – inhabited by the majority of people from middle to upper class, foreigners working in Vietnam. Masteri Centre Point brings to the market a new, elevated lifestyle in the heart of Vinhomes Grand Park – the biggest township in the East of HCMC.

This can be very useful for large features that need to be broken down into simpler, more atomic chunks. To publish changes to the official project, developers “”push”” their local mainbranch to the central repository. This is the equivalent of svn commit, except that it adds all of the local commits that aren’t already in the central mainbranch. In their own local copies of the project, they edit files and commit changes as they would with SVN; however, these new commits are stored locally – they’re completely isolated from the central repository. This lets developers defer synchronizing upstream until they’re at a convenient break point. Transitioning to a distributed version control system may seem like a daunting task, but you don’t have to change your existing workflow to take advantage of Git.

From fundamentals to exam prep boot camps, Educate 360 partners with your team to meet your organization’s training needs across Project Management, Agile, Business Analysis, Business Management, and Leadership skills development. The following techniques can be incorporated into PowerPoint presentations to increase interactivity and engagement between students and between students and the instructor. In other words, create slide titles with as much information as is used for newspapers and journals to help students better understand the content of the slide. Incorporate active learning throughout the presentation to hold students’ interest and reinforce learning.

For a Scrum Master, paying attention to the source of the problem and listening and acting accordingly would go a long way. Any disagreements should be shared with other team members in a manner that they would be open to suggestions for resolving the issue. When a conflict arises, the Scrum Master must intervene so that the process runs smoothly and without hiccups. Giving individual coaching to team members is one of the most effective strategies to resolve a problem. It is imperative for a Scrum Master to maintain positive relationships with team members and provide guidance when they face challenges.

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