Protecting The Wealthy

This type of training teaches students how to conduct security surveys, Route analysis, threat management, motorcade operations, and the basic principles of personal protection. Executive protection agents typically rate higher pay for services provided. These agents are safeguarding a person or people from viable threats, hence why they were hired as a countermeasure to reduce risk.

The company’s experienced and intensively trained employees are capable of carrying out the highest level of security for executives and VIPs. Pacific West Academy’s mission is to educate and graduate tactically proficient individuals, as Executive Protection Professionals, while instilling the social responsibilities required to work in the security field. Pacific West Academy provides the training you need to be effective in any position in the security and executive protection fields. I’ve been in Executive Protection here in LA since returning from a tour in Iraq in 2005.

You screen the belongings of different people before allowing people to enter into premises of different organizations belonging to wealthy people. Private security career options vary widely depending on the kind of tasks available. A computer-related security career option will have different professional requirements from a basic security guard. The pay of these options depends on the complexity of the task you ought to perform. In case you’re searching for the best spot to concentrate to acquire your Level 3 Close Protection authentication, Training 4 Employment ought to be your best option.

With these skills and training you can really protect yourself from any accident can become a hero by saving someone life because this Bodyguard training is for you. However, this can vary depending on the different types of Bodyguard schools or training academies. There are many kinds of courses that will lead to becoming a certified bodyguard. People who liked The average bodyguard certification lasts from 8 weeks to 12 weeks.

This is considered to be the first step for the people who are interested in working in the security field. This course is completed authorized and certified by California’s Bureau of Security and Investigate Services, usually, it is called . The people who are graduated receive this certificate as the security officers that might help them for better employment in the future. These training programs of Executive Protections at Pacific West Academy offer their students avail the chance of learning different effect skills in any position for security purposes and executive protection careers.

I think a lot of people who are interested in this field are under the misconception that being a cop, soldier or bouncer will give them all the tools they need to be effective in the EP field. These jobs may provide a foundation but they don’t provide a true understanding of the dynamics of Executive Protection. Whether or not someone is new to the field or, like me, just trying to maintain perishable skills, I highly recommend this course. Although this course was basically fundamentals, I felt it helped bridge the gap between my experience as a law enforcement officer and the EP field.

You will also need to pass through a thorough criminal background check, a drug screening, and many credit checks. It involves delivering confidential documentation, goods, or currency belonging to wealthy individuals from one place to another. Being an armed carrier needs you to be highly disciplined and keep secrets of the properties you are dealing with. We have physical location around Florida and offer the best online training in the industry. “”Hands down the best!!! You can’t beat the price and the instructors are top notch I’d like to thank the instructors for giving me a truly enjoyable experience.”” “”I enjoyed the class. The instructor was knowledgeable and made it interesting. Thank you for a great program and the quality of instruction. I also learned a few extra tips on shooting that I didn’t know before.””

Bodyguard training prepares security agents with the skills necessary to perform close protection. If you are seeking a career in executive protection that the first step is to research and understand the industry. Executive protection requires a lot of training and experience to become a professional in the industry. It is recommended that those seeking this security profession should attend multiple training courses to add more skills and knowledge to their resume. A person should explore training schools that will not only enhance their abilities but also help the individual with networking job opportunities. Many Executive protection training schools help agents with short term and long term employment opportunities.

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