The SEO Tips You Need to Know to Receive Good Traffic

The SEO Tips You Need to Know to Receive Good Traffic

The SEO Tips You Need to Know to Receive Good Traffic

Are you looking for ways to drive more traffic to your business website? If yes, all you would need to follow are some SEO techniques that will help you drive consistent traffic without much hassle. One needs to work smart and learn about simple tips that make a major difference. To learn about the same, you can even attend London SEO conferences where you get to learn a lot of SEO and an effective way to implement the same.

Google and other search engines need to easily find out what exactly your website is all about. To achieve that you need to code the website content in a proper way so that search engines would read the same and index it. You will have to use HTML as Google cannot read the text that is used in flash or images.

You as a site owner also have to make sure that the keywords that you are using will appear in the title tags. Remember not to stuff any keywords but instead use informative content so that your visitors tend to come back for more.

You also need to make sure that the keywords you are using do appear in the content and the headings. Important words and phrases can be used in bold or italic fonts. You also need to focus on using good quality content and if you are not a writer yourself, you can as well hire a writer who can do the task for you. When you are writing content having the focus on your reader and not on the search engines, you will tend to use good terms along with the keywords. This way you can get rewarded by Google by receiving higher rankings and this will in turn bring in good traffic to your website.


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eCommerce Boom in India: The Next Biggest Market in the World

eCommerce is a trading facility which provides products and services by using computer and Internet. E-commerce is a growing industry in India and according to the reports of various financial organization states that India’s e-commerce market was worth about $3.9 billion in 2009 and it went up to $12.6 billion in 2013. In 2013, the e-retail segment was worth US$2.3 billion. About 70% of India’s e-commerce market is travel related. According to Google India, there were 35 million online shoppers in India in 2014 Q1 and is expected to cross 100 million mark by end of year 2016.  The arrival of e-Commerce industry in India has huge impact. The convenience provided by e-Commerce industry is the biggest advantage and it provides the opportunity to shop directly from home by a single click only. Although the concept of e-Commerce is widely popular in Western Countries, the concept was new and totally different in India and people purchased product at a much lower cost then it was available in stores. The e-Commerce websites allow users to purchase item from the list of various products and Brands. They also have a customer friendly refund policy which allows customers to refund the product without any hassle and these added advantages are increasing the share of e-Commerce in India by by huge margin.

Chart Representing the growth of e-Commerce in India
Chart Representing the growth of e-Commerce in India

The concept of eCommerce in India is totally new and different and due to this it attracted a lot of Indians living in the metro cities. It also helped people in getting their desired product at a much lower price than any local market or shop operating in India. Not only the option of multiple product listing but these websites also helped their users to select any product easily from a list of various brands in a single place. This is very advantageous for people as the online industry lists all the product at a single place. Most of the bigger market in Indian cities are very crowded and the online shopping also prevent rush at there places. Now the eCommerce industry is rapidly expanding in India as mentioned earlier and going by current trend within few years it will capture almost 70% of the market with a market cap of $30 billion in 2018. These data shows and prove that the future of eCommerce Industry in India is very bright and in upcoming years it will completely remove hassle of shopping from local market.

One such report from PWC talks about the growth of business on the eCommerce industry

The eCommerce sector in India has seen an unprecedented growth in the year 2014. The growth was driven by the introduction of technology and easy Internet Data availability in India. These factors along with the use of devices such as smartphones and tablets and access to the internet through broadband increased online consumer base for many eCommerce Companies operating in India. Furthermore the demographics of India and large number of people living in Metro Cities also helped in this growth. The biggest gainer in in the beginning was two India homegrown companies i.e. Flipkart and Snapdeal. They managed to get big investors and used the immense Indian market which has every potential to become

The end-user doesn’t know the whole working of eCommerce Industry. All he knows is to order his product and complete the payment and this is what expected from him. The whole eCommerce operation is a huge task with nearly thousand of people performing various task to get the order to reach correct destination. Hundereds of servers are required for supporting users login and purchasing as well as developers, Management Guys, legal aid, Data Entry Operation and courier facility. All theses working needs to be tracked so that there is no loophole in the process. The eCommerce industry depends on many manual work like eCommerce catalog processing, classification of products and their categorization. Large number of Data entry work is performed at the back and in most of the cases this data entry services is outsourced in India. There are many companies operating in India who have bagged important projects from Amazon and getting huge revenue from the Amazon and other eCommerce giant.

There are many other eCommerce companies working globally and generating huge profit. Companies like Amazon and Alibaba have intensified the competition and now the companies of Indian origin have to provide better services and product to face this competition. Now even many smaller companies have joined the fray like,, and paytm who gave huge amount of discount on their products to grab potentials customers.  These all factors, promotion tactics and companies will further intensify the competition. The advantage with companies of foreign origin is that they have huge fund to drive the Indian eCommerce Market. They also have strong knowledge and experience of eCommerce industry as they have seen the eCommerce market to evolve from scratch. They also include best practices and are aware of challenges which traditional Indian company lacks.

Logo of Digital India: An initiative started by Government of India
Logo of Digital India: An initiative started by Government of India

Speaking about the practices reminds me of one example where one of my friend purchased ZTE Nubia Z9 mini from After using is for few day there was a physical damage in phone but there was no service center of ZTE in India. Now since there was no service center it was difficult to repair the phone. Amazon without wasting a second replaced the phone and beared its cost. These are some factors or live example which can be a deciding factor in long term running. There are many eCommerce companies operating in India which have one of the worst customer experience and if a user has purchased product once it won’t purchase for the second time. The point is competition is expected to grow eCommerce industry and therefore companies have to come up with different ways to attract customers and then retain them. This is the only way by which they can increase their inline sales. The Indian government has launched its ambitious Digital India project and government is also encouraging the eCommerce sector because it can generate thousands of jobs. The effect of eCommerce industry is also visible on Indian Postal Services as they handle the shipment part of the service. The Digital India project aims to offer a one-stop shop for government services that will have the mobile phone as the backbone of its delivery mechanism. These programs will give a strong boost to the Indian eCommerce market  and will bring internet and broadband to remote corners of the country thereby increasing a huge market for goods to be sold.

These reports shows and prove that India has huge potential for eCommerce industry and if it is exploited in proper way it can become kingmaker. Many companies which were group of few friends in 2008-09 have now net revenue of million of US dollar. This trend has already developed in India and now many youths are coming up with ideas and startups.  The time is perfect in almost all the sections of eCommerce industry let it be the server support, development, eCommerce management services or an end delivery services. We can hope many more companies will join the existing group of companies and together they will provide one of the best user experience that one can think of.

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Internet Marketing With Google

Rivalry in the electronic world is quickly growing. Daily, countless online businesses are created. Beating the tight contest in the online business is a huge challenge for online entrepreneurs worldwide. Leverage your online business in the remainder is by strengthening your internet presence. Reinforcing your internet presence isn’t simple. This can be something which isn’t done immediately. Whether you are new to the business or someone who needed to enhance online existence, these suggestions are useful for you. Below is one alternative of making your Xbox pc gaming a free experience by utilizing the xbox gold generator to get xbox live gratuit.

Construct a Powerful Homepage

The critical thing you should contemplate in strengthening your internet presence can be your homepage. Create a homepage that would get the users consider that you’re an actual business that offers real goods/services. Some online visitors determine their trust and self-confidence to the website through their homepage. Therefore, make your homepage useful and professional appearing. One of the most appropriate pixel gun 3d hack tool offers you immediate resources that are endless.

Create a Website

Consistent blogging also can help in boosting your online existence. Blogging feeds content for your website. These contents can bring visitors and can farther hold them more for your website. Also, upgrading your site often will reveal your business is active. It further demonstrates that you’ve got useful advice to reveal with your goal audience

Guest Post

Another successful strategy for enhancing your online presence is through visitor publishing. Try to find other websites whose target groups overlaps with yours. The more content you generate, the better.

Create Email marketing Efforts

If you need to get nearer for your target market, it is possible to venture into e-mail marketing efforts. This can be the greatest means to reaching out to your own target customers and supplying them special advertising advice. As an example, it is possible to use e-mail marketing in providing exclusive promotions. You can even use this in supplying latest updates about your company. If you need to develop a powerful relationship with your target customers, e-mail marketing is the greatest.

It’s significant to your business to create an expert social media account. Using social media enables you maybe not only in starting a community dialogue with your goal industry. In addition, it lets you develop an excellent connection and to enhance your standing online.

Eventually, optimize your website. An efficiently optimized website creates long-term gains, especially in improving traffic and brand recognition. Additionally it is cost effective and supplies higher return on investment.

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